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Macgill Engineering and Technical Services Limited

Macgill Engineering and Technical Services Limited operates and provides various specific and tailored services across a wide range of sectors. Our multi-disciplinary team of consultants has extensive knowledge of, and experience in various key market sectors and bring on board an unparalleled mix of technical disciplines thereby ensuring quick adaptability of a wealth of experience, resources and a practical approach to delivering environmental improvements across sectors, which ensures successful project delivery to you in a timely, cost effective manner.

The sectors we serve include:

Oil and Gas


Energy and Power

Banking, Investment and Finance








Corporate and Private Organisations

Real Estate


Macgill Engineering and Technical Services Limited

Macgill Engineering and Technical Services Limited was incorporated in 1989 as an indigenous private firm of Chartered Engineers and Environmental Scientists, based in Benin City. The company is a consortium of highly skilled and experienced professionals dedicated to excellence and the adoption of systems approach to solving physical, engineering and environmental problems. The inclusion of key consultants from the Universities and Research Institutes in the Macgill team permits the Company to retain the services of leaders in the various fields and thus maintain its leading position in providing high quality services to: Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Private and Public Corporations

Macgill Services

Industrial Revolution, Engineering and Technical Services

Integrated Environmental Impact Assessment (IEIA)

Laboratory Tests and Analytical Services

Engineering, Architectural and Technical Services

Macgill Engineering and Technical Services

High quality professional Engineering and Environmental Services

The aim of the Macgill group is to offer comprehensive high quality professional Engineering and Environmental Services. High technology equipment, attention to details and commitment to personal service combine to enable us meet your needs precisely.

Water Resources Development, Exploitation & Management




The under-listed services are within the scope of Macgill Engineering & Technical Services Ltd:

  1. Strategic Planning and Advisory Services
  2. Macgill develops strategies and guidance on a broad range of Integrated Engineering and Environmental Design services covering Evaluation of Technical and Commercial Proposals (Bids) in Feasibility studies, Agricultural projects.
  3. Engineering, Architectural and Technical Services
  4. Architectural Planning and Design, Electrification , Water Supply Services, Civil Engineering Services, Mechanical, Electrical and Acoustical Engineering Services.
  5. Expert Witness & Liaison Services
  6. We offer advice and guidance on pollution control programs, procedures , Regulatory Compliance and Potential liabilities in environmental issues and provide expert witness testimony in law courts .
  7. Environmental Evaluation & Audit
  8. Macgill provides offshore and onshore audits as follows:
    • Regulatory Compliance Audit (RCA),
    • Process Safety Audit,
    • Occupational Health Audit,
    • Product Quality Audit,
    • Liability Audit,
    • Management Systems Audit.
    • Environmental Audit. and
    • Facility Audit.
  9. Integrated Environmental Impact Assessment (IEIA)
  10. We carry out (IEIA) studies to guide the activities and development of all projects listed in Decree No. 86 of 1992 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for which EIA is mandatory. We outline mitigation strategies and prepare statutory Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP). Integrated Environmental Impact Assessment gives equal consideration to Environment, Health and Socioeconomic concerns, rather than environmental considerations only. IEIA is in line with World Bank requirements.
  11. Preparation of HSE-MS Manual for Production and Operation Facilities
  12. We undertake preparation of HSE-MS manuals for Production and Operation Facilities .
  13. HSE-MS Audit to ISO 14001
  14. We undertake facilities and operations HSE-MS to Audit to ISO 14001 Standard.
  15. Laboratory Tests and Analytical Services Martlet Environmental Research Laboratory Limited (MERLL), a sister company to Macgill undertakes the microbiological and physico-chemical assessment/analysis of soil, air, oil, water, plant and animal tissues, and industrial effluent and processed food materials for Statutory Compliance, biodegradability and quality control.
  16. Pollution Control and Waste Management
  17. We give strategic advice on cost-effective safe management of all domestic, industrial , toxic and hazardous wastes, including appropriate technology for the minimisation, recycling, remediation and safe disposal of wastes in an environmentally friendly way.
  18. Water Resources Development, Exploitation & Management.
  19. Macgill provides specialised services in the location, assessment, Port development, exploitation and management of local and regional water resources; with experts in Geotechnics, Hydraulics , combating salt water intrusion and model simulation.
  20. Land Development and Management
  21. Manpower Training and Development
  22. Macgill offers technical training courses which are essential for the efficient performance of industrial personnel. The courses are tailored to improve, upgrade/introduce new and advanced management skills. The major aim is to improve productivity by addressing specific industrial problems through upgrading of employees knowledge and skills, otherwise not acquired through formal school training.
  23. Staff Recruitment and Employment
  24. We interview, recruit and supply permanent or temporary, long or short-term employees/ staff for our clients. In recent years, the demand has increased to staff multi-discipline projects with engineering and administrative personnel. Client personnel requirements are satisfied rapidly, efficiently and successfully by us.

    - Oil Industry Front Engineering
    - Process Simulation.
    - Reservoir Engineering.
    - Facilities Evaluation.
    - Facilities Design using CAD.
    - Systems Evaluation and Analysis.
    - Gas Engineering.
    - Energy Studies and Analysis.
    - Engineering Feasibility Studies.